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McDermaid Inc. is a premier transportation, courier, delivery, and logistics service provider in Utah, renowned for its exceptional service and focus on hospital deliveries. With over 100,000 deliveries handled annually, we are the trusted partner for businesses seeking efficient logistical solutions tailored to their specific needs. Our commitment to excellence and continuous improvement has established us as the top choice in the industry.

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Over 20 years of unparalleled success

Over the course of our journey, McDermaid Inc. has consistently strived to stay ahead in an evolving market. Our industry expertise has enabled us to stay competitive, offering our clients optimal solutions. Going the extra mile is our commitment to ensuring their satisfaction.

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20 +

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STATs - Hour or Less

We pride ourselves on making sure no urgent requests are left behind. Our 24/7 dispatch and drivers make sure that your orders are picked up immediately when they need to be done in one hour or less.

Next Day Delivery​

When you choose our courier services, you can rest easy knowing that your goods will get where it needs to be quickly and efficiently.

Schedules Routes​

We provide reliable transportation services to ensure your scheduled deliveries arrive on time and without issue.

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With our unbeatable service and team of experienced dispatchers and drivers, we are prepared to meet all your business requirements. Count on us to deliver results; your business needs are our top priority!

We Follow Best Practices

We provide a round-the-clock, seven-day-a-week delivery and dispatch service, ensuring comprehensive coverage for your needs. Our commitment to surpassing expectations is reflected in our reliable and dependable services. With a team of highly trained dispatchers and drivers, we stand ready to fulfill all your business requirements, delivering excellence regardless of the time or location. Trust us to be your preferred choice for business success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a diverse range of solutions tailored to various industries, including banking institutions, payroll services, medical equipment, laboratory samples, real estate offices, automotive part deliveries, and legal firms. Our knowledgeable team is committed to delivering personalized and attentive service to meet the unique needs of our customers. With our high-quality products and a steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction, you can trust us to provide comprehensive coverage for all your business requirements.

McDermaid Inc delivers prompt and dependable services for customers requiring STATs, same-day delivery, routine multi-hour trips, scheduled routes, white-glove delivery, and dock-to-dock transportation. We offer a range of shipping options, including cars, cargo vans, box trucks, and 48′ and 53′ tractor trailers, catering to various needs, especially for large orders, ensuring swift order fulfillment. Explore our services page for more details.

At McDermaid Inc, we recognize the critical role reliable transportation plays in your business operations. Our dispatchers and drivers operate around the clock, 24/7, ensuring a trustworthy and timely service whenever you need it. Going above and beyond, our dedicated team ensures your specific needs are met, aiming to deliver the best customer experience in the industry. With McDermaid, rest assured that you’ll have the right service, regardless of the time or day. Allow us to assist you in reaching your destination seamlessly.